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Rasmus Ekelund

C++ Programmer

Who am I?

Passionate game developer studying programming during my last term at The Game Assembly Malmö. 

Great interest in programming with 5+ years of using c++. 

Created a few hobby projects in unreal, (One of them being a multiplayer game) which made me get a solid understanding of their API.

Proficient in C# from previous work experience as a software developer. Basic knowledge in: HTML, CSS, java.

Good understanding of SCRUM and agile development from being part of a team and ultimately taking on the role of SCRUM master for a while.

Feel free to contact me!


Advanced: C++, C#, Unity, Unreal Engine
Proficient: HTML, CSS, Java, Python, SCRUM




Number: +46 763914795

Friisgatan 9D, 214 21

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