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School Project 6: Spite


Gameplay Programmer


We created our own Engine (OneEngine), including features such as DirectX, animation system, enTT, prefab system and an editor with IMGUI. While simultaneously developing gameplay. 

- Co-developing the animation system with Felix Dunmar we handled animations with features such as blending, weights, additive and binding lambdas to call when animations completed.


- Utilizing a statemachine in combination with events, resulted in ease of use for all the boss's different stages.

- Creating a UI system with different managers and utilizing IMGUI in order to set a button's function to call onClick() made it user friendly for non-programmers to be able to create buttons/menus in the editor. 

- I particularly enjoyed implementing the final boss, it's three different attacks and making it's stage transitions seamless. Really tried to make an impression on the player, which I felt I managed to accomplish with the amount of polish it got.


2021 - 2022


 3d isometric ARPG - Diablo esque


12 weeks part-time

My main contributions:

 - Animation System

- Enemies

- The final boss

- UI

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